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Part One: On board the plane

Clients love my Travel Essentials Check Lists. These list will ensure you pack the right items, don’t forget anything and have a stress free holiday (Because we all know the wrong wardrobe can ruin a great holiday, right ladies?!)

I’ve compiled a collection of 4; On board the Plane, Beach Getaway, Skiing Trip and Globetrotter Holiday, it’s as easy as print, pack, tick.

First up is my ‘On The Plane’ carry on checklist:

  • Travel wallet (with passports, some currency, itinerary including hotel addresses, boarding passes) 
  • iPad, iPhone, Book/Magazine, Chargers, Travel Adapter, Spare iPhone Battery.
  • A wrap that doubles as a blanket. If you’re able, buy cashmere, it’s super soft and warm but lets your skin breathe. Socks, and Sunglasses for when you land.
  • Noise reduction headphones, earplugs and silk eye mask for better sleep. 
  • A good facial moisturiser (or face mask for those with dry skin), cleanser, lip balm, toothbrush/paste, hand cream, facial spray, hand sanitizer and perfume.
  • Mints, bottled water (drink at least a litre every 2 hours) Coconut water, hydration salts and camomile tea.travel

If you’d like all my travel checklists just send an email to Enquiries@DianaWilsonInc.com

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